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Partner with SparesHub – the experts in this industry

Start your Automobile Parts Business!

Investment Starts - Rs. 6 lakhs only!


Start your Automobile Parts Business!

We are proud to work with these amazing companies in the automobile industry.


We are SparesHub

Automobile parts experts since 2014

SparesHub has been at the forefront of the modern evolution of the automobile parts industry in India. We work with 100+ manufacturers and suppliers in India and outside.

SparesHub serves 300+ businesses from 4 warehouses across India.


All Parts Under One Roof

We provide replacement parts and accessories for all models of cars, bikes, and mopeds.

Business & Technical Training

Comprehensive online & offline training provided by SparesHub experts regularly

Marketing Support by SparesHub

Proactive marketing done by SparesHub to increase your customers and your business.

Complimentary Business Software

Feature-rich software provided by SparesHub to automate your business processes.

SparesHub Franchise Program helps your, trains you, and assists you in the setup of the automobile parts business in your city. You are now ready to build a successful business in automobile industry.

Our Franchise Program

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Investment – Rs. 6 Lakhs onwards

Franchise Fees – Rs. 75,000

SparesHub Franchise

The demand for replacement parts and accessories for cars is increasing due to the growing number of cars in every city. India has about 2.8 Crore cars. Rising personal income and easy availability of car loans are fueling this demand.

With SparesHub car parts franchise store, you will cater to the demands of car owners and car workshops/ service centers.

SparesHub will provide:

  • Complete Inventory range

  • Business operating manual & Training

  • Software for Franchise Store

  • Marketing Support

Franchise Fees – Rs. 75,000

Inventory Investment – Rs. 6 Lakhs Onwards

Store Space Require – 300+ Sq. Ft.


FAQs & Other Details

Find answers to all your questions in the FAQs section and other details page. Click below to see them.



SparesHub provides you a complete range of automobile parts for all the reputed brands in India.

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  • What are the benefits of SparesHub franchise?
    SparesHub has 10+ years of experience in automobile parts industry. You get the benefit of this experience when you become SparesHub franchise. The company advises which parts to keep in stock, trains you for technical and sales training, provides softwares and catalogs, and help you setup your business from scratch. You also get the advantage of Brand SparesHub.
  • What is the franchise fees of SparesHub?
    The franchise fees of SparesHub is Rs. 75,000 (including GST) for a period of 2 years.
  • What is the total investment in SparesHub Franchise?
    The total investment in SparesHub franchies is Rs. 75,000 of franchise fees and Rs. 6 lakhs onwards worth of parts & lubricants inventory. So total becomes Rs. 6.75 lakhs. Apart from this you will need a 300 sq.ft. shop or warehouse.
  • Where is the company office located?
    The company registered office is located at Office #405, 4th Floor, Mont Vert Apex, Baner. Pune. Maharashtra. 411045. and our website is and
  • Does SparesHub provide credit payment to franchise?
    No. SparesHub does not sell on credit. We have tied-up with financing companies to provide credit to franchise customers.
  • What support does SparesHub provide to franchises?
    Spareshub provides complete package to start and run your car parts business successfully. It provides inventory of parts, discounts, softwares, training & support, branding, and marketing guidance to franchises.
  • How much territory is given to each franchise?
    Every franchise is given an exclusive territory of 14 kms in his city.
  • Does SparesHub provide manpower/employees to franchise?
    SparesHub does not provide manpower / employees to franchises. But SparesHub will train your manpower for technical knowledge of parts and how to generate sales from garages and workshops.
  • How to book SparesHub franchise?
    You can book SparesHub franchise buy sharing your KYC documents and paying the franchise fees. You will receive a franchise booking letter and receipt immediately. Speak to the franchise sales team to start the process.
  • I want to apply for loan to start business, does SparesHub provide loan?
    SparesHub can help you in taking loan from banks by providing you project report, financial projections, purchase invoices for inventory, franchise allotment letter, and franchise allotment agreement. These documents are required to be submitted to the bank when applying for business loan. But these documents are provided only after you book the franchise by paying the franchise fees.
  • Is the franchise fees refundable?
    The franchise fees of SparesHub is not refundable.
  • How much time do we get to start the franchise store?
    Each franchise is given 60 days of time to find the store locations, arrange for inventory funds, get furniture ready, and launch the store. They get 60 days after the booking of franchise to complete these tasks.

Franchise Information Form

Please fill this form if you would like to know more about SparesHub Franchise Program. Our sales team will get in touch with you immediately.

Franchise Form

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